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Spirit River Rural Roots: Our Project
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These videos were created by the students who investigated the interesting artifacts found in Spirit River.

Links to Video of Artifacts

The Baby Carriage

These students talk about a baby carriage from around the 1930's. Notice the very large spoked wheels - quite different from the much smaller wheels on today's strollers. (1.9 MB QuickTime)

The Grain Moisture Tester

It was vital that grain be as dry as possible for proper storage. This tester would determine how much water was in grain. (1.9 MB QuickTime)

Butter Churn

Most of us have made butter by putting cream in a jar and shaking it. This butter churn is for much bigger quantaties of butter! (6.1 MB QuickTime)

Milk Can

This milk can was used in the 1920's and 1930's. Notice the spigot low down on the can. Watch the movie to find out why. (2.3 MB QuickTime)

Oxen Collar

Oxen were used extensively in farming in the Spirit River area. (0.7 MB QuickTime)

Egg Crate

The students will show you the inside of this egg crate. You won't find this in our modern supermarkets! (2.3 MB QuickTime)

Threshing Machine

Watch the video to find out what a threshing machine does and how it is different from a combine. (2.8 MB QuickTime)

Two-Cycle, John Deere Tractor

What is this student doing? You will have to watch the video to find out! (2.5 MB QuickTime)


Grain Cleaner

Freshly threshed grain included bits of wheat straw and smaller particles as well as the grain kernels. These students take you on a tour of a hand-cranked, grain cleaner. (7.9 MB QuickTime)

Water Pump

This is a very small pump! Where do you think it was used? Vidw the video to find out. (1.1 MB QuickTime)

Clay Oven

This clay oven was used to bake bread. Find out how it worked by watching the video. (5.9 MB QuickTime)