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What matters about bylaws?

What stories do bylaws have to tell? How have they changed over time? And what impact do bylaws have on our communities? Follow the exploration of students from across Alberta as they examine these questions and issues. 

“Bylaws… Then and Now” draws on the primary resources of the Municipal Bylaws of Alberta website ( to help students understand the history of their town, as well as to put today’s bylaws into context. This project exemplifies student work within one Grade 6 classroom, but in fact, could be modified to meet curriculum outcomes in any grades K through 12.

The key to this, and any inquiry study for that matter, is that students be engaged in meaningful, purposeful, worthy work – work that is authentic as well as intellectually and emotionally engaging. But how do you know when your students are engaged? That's easy! As teachers we have all experienced that buzz of energy and excitement in the classroom when the kids are really hooked on something.

Great teachers know that student engagement doesn't just happen by accident. You need to consider how you are connecting with issues that are personally meaningful to your students.