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History of Cowboy Culture

Night Herding

The story of the trail riding was "uncovered" by visiting and interviewing local ranchers and historians at the Bar U Ranch, reading stories, listening to the lyrics of cowboy music and talking about the powerful images in cowboy poetry. Scripts were written, rehearsed and then filmed at the Bar U Ranch, by grade 3 students at RDL School. Through their voices and stories, the culture of the daily life of the cowboy, the challenges of this life, and the drive and desire of the cowboy will be truly understood.

Storytelling by the campfire




"It's getting pretty cold out and I see the clouds moving in."

"Yah. There's an awful bite in the wind. Sure hope a storm isn't brewing."

"Like the one we had few nights ago. That spooked the whole herd. It even started a stampede!"

"Took a long time to round up all those cows."

"We better sing to them as we circle around to keep them calm!"

'You know I'm not much of a singer but I do enjoy reading them the label off the Arbuckle’s coffee can. Sure seems to do the trick."

"You're right did you hear the wolves. Reckon we'll need to watch closely and listen."

"I reckon so. I'll see you at about 1/2 past."

"It sure was a long night we better go and get some shut eye. Staying awake all night and making sure the cows are safe is hard work."

"It sure was along night. Good thing we were able to scare off that wolf and protect the cattle. We sure don't want to lose any before we get to the Bar U."

"We've been circling all night and its starting to get pretty light out. I can hear the birds already."

"Our night shift has ended but our day shift is just about to begin."

"I know that the other cowboys are already at camp and will be waking up soon."

"After we get an hours rest, how about we get a cup of Arbuckle’s coffee before we hit the trail."

"Good idea it's going to be a long day.


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